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From challenge to opportunity

image with text: From challenge to opportunity

73% of Europeans see the energy transition as an opportunity for innovation.

This encouraging statistic emerges from a comprehensive study by ENGIE, in partnership with CSA (Institut d'Etudes) and the Fondation Jean-Jaurès, surveying opinions on the energy transition across 10 European nations in the lead-up to the 2024 European elections.

At ENGIE, we resonate with this sentiment. The energy transition is not just a necessity; it’s a catalyst for revolutionary change. It challenges us to reimagine our technologies and to innovate with a range of solutions that pave the way for clean energy, many of which are deployed at scale today: wind turbines, batteries, and solar panels.

While there’s a perception of one in three Europeans that the necessary technologies for this transition are still out of reach, we at ENGIE stand firm in our belief. A robust and affordable energy transition is within our grasp, leveraging every decarbonization tool at our disposal — from the accelerated deployment of renewable power and gas, to the advancement of flexibility technologies, and the infrastructures that will underpin a decarbonized future. And let’s not forget the critical role of energy efficiency.

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You can read the full study and our recommendations here: https://www.engie.com/en/news/make-energy-transition-happen