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Accessibility is not only an energy matter

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#Accessibility at ENGIE is not only an energy matter. It is an important digital matter as well.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one in six people or 16% of the global population currently experience disability. In honour of International Day of People with Disabilities, I would like to highlight the importance of digital accessibility and our ongoing efforts to promote it, as part of our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) policy.
👉 Since 2020, a dedicated internal working group has been promoting and developing initiatives to improve #digitalaccessibility, with regular awareness sessions (30+ in 2023 so far) to foster an inclusive culture.
👉 We have developed Fluid, a design system that facilitates the creation of digital services “accessible by design”. The tool is currently used in 50 projects by 24 ENGIE entities, fostering a community of 700 employees worldwide. It is also regularly maintained to ensure global brand consistency, efficiency and collaboration.
👉 We initiated a collaboration with Simplon.co, numerik-ea and 4 other large companies, to train people with disabilities to become digital accessibility auditors and benefit from their expertise to assess our digital services.
👉 ENGIE is a key contributor to the Manifeste Inclusion's digital accessibility working group, which mobilizes business leaders of major global companies to help accelerate employment of disabled people.
Thank you to the digital and DEI teams who are contributing to creating a more inclusive digital environment, for your dedication and passionate work over many years. 👏