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"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."

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💡"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." Helen Keller
ENGIE's top global Digital & IT leaders on my team convened recently to reflect, celebrate progress against our 1000 days plan and prepare for 2024. What a great energy and how many good outcomes we managed to deliver!
🏆In 2023 we continued strengthening our IT foundations while further embracing digital and data to enable value creation for our customers, core business activities, employees and the planet. Few illustrations:
- Setting up at speed Generative AI taskforce and capabilities, augmenting our colleagues with co-pilots and secure environments for developing solutions and using enterprise chat, and already seeing promising results from our first use cases.
- Accelerating our One Digital transformation, with digital at the core of our delivery models and service offerings. We are supporting the strong growth of our #RenewableEnergy portfolio (with a record 7.6 GW under construction) and making the operations smarter with Darwin, our real-time monitoring and performance optimization tool for wind and solar assets. It helps to minimize the downtime, maximize operational efficiency, better control operational risks and forecast generation. Over 33 GW of installed renewable energy capacity are monitored by the tool today, including over 80% of onshore wind assets operated by ENGIE.
- Doubling in size our Group-wide Data & Analytics repository to over 2 Pb of data, with more than 300 data use cases developed, of which over 80 are industrialized.
- Harmonizing and standardizing processes and converging applications for HR, Finance and Procurement. We had a successful GoLive of the new global tool for the major HR scope earlier this year (second part to follow soon). And have created a core model for Finance and Procurement and are on track to pilot it soon under the Group Enterprise Transformation (GET) programme, moving to S4Hana single instance for the whole Group.
- Having >60% IT infrastructure in the cloud. We have been a pioneer among peers in large-scale cloud migration, which enables us to today run reliable, efficient, and flexible IT operations and to embrace new digital tools for business offered by our cloud partners.
- And let's not forget the planet. In addition to developing digital solutions that help our customers decarbonize and save energy, we are reducing the carbon footprint of our digital and IT-related activities. As part of Sustainable IT, ENGIE IT’s carbon emissions dropped by 21% last year.
Thank you team for your efforts! Thank you Catherine Fiamma MacGregor for sharing your vision and conviction about the importance of the work we are doing!
🚀 Looking ahead, our focus remains on running secure and reliable IT systems while pushing the boundaries of digital to accelerate ENGIE's mission of implementing affordable and desirable energy transition for all. Let's continue with our #OneDigital spirit!

Biljana Kaitovic on LinkedIn: #renewableenergy #onedigital | 19 comments
💡"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." Helen Keller ENGIE's top global Digital & IT leaders on my team convened recently to reflect… | 19 comments on LinkedIn