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ENGIE 2022 results

ENGIE 2022 results

This week, ENGIE presented solid 2022 results and a clear roadmap paving the way for our net zero target by 2045.

We are stepping up our sustainable growth and our renewables ambitions to support the energy transition. This includes four countries to become Net Zero Carbon, including Brazil, by 2030.

#Digital and #Data are key levers in meeting our ambitions.
🛡️ We will continue to build on our solid Digital & IT foundations, delivering secure and reliable operations.
👩‍💻 We will drive further ENGIE’s digital transformation, powered by over 3000 Digital specialists.
📈 We are scaling our key business digital platforms, enabling integration, synergies and value for our businesses.
🗂️ We will create actionable insights from data and leverage disruptive digital technologies to develop innovative solutions for tomorrow.

We are mobilized to accelerate the transition to #CarbonNeutrality, for ENGIE and our customers. Let's act together. #WithENGIE