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Everything is still bigger in Texas

Biljana in front of Houston mural

When you've lived somewhere, you've left a piece of yourself there. And coming back can feel like homecoming.

Being in Houston this week was way more than a business trip for me. Next to engaging on various decarbonization topics with many amazing people from the ENGIE North America and ENGIE Impact teams, prioritising 2023 plans with our Digital&IT team and onboarding our new NorthAm CIO, I had a chance to go down the memory lane and stay in a hotel just few blocks away from my ex Houstonian home and my ex Houstonian office.

11 years passed by so fast, many things have changed but so many stayed the same. Everything is still bigger in Texas, Pappasito's still have the best tex-mex and Houston still feels like a city of love to me.

I'm heading home with a smile, enriched with another memorable experience and flying home to Paris through another ex city of mine, Amsterdam.

Feels good to be in KLM again. Feels good to feel like a #globalcitizen. 😎 Feels good to be going back home. Good night world!

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